Preplanning Checklist

Preplanning Checklist

Please use the bullet points below to help you with planning your Funeral. Feel free to add some of your own, if you feel it is important that we have other specific information about yourself.

Options and things you must consider:



  • Decide if you want a cremation with a service or a simple direct cremation without any ceremony or funeral services.
  • Full Name as you want it to appear on documents.
  • Name as you want it to appear in an Obituary.
  • Any specific instructions regarding your services and final disposition.

Funeral Service

  • Consider any customs, traditions, or religious rites that may be important to you or your family.
  • Choose a location and/or type of service you desire (optional).
  • Decide whether you would like to have a viewing or wake prior to your cremation.
  • Select a cremation casket (optional) if you do not want the alternative cremation container.
  • Select a photo for your obituary, either for the website or newspaper notice (both optional)
  • If you are having a service with any type of viewing, choose the clothing you would like to be dressed in. For women, if a hair dresser is required, please provide a recent photo showing how it is styled.
  • Brainstorm any additional ways you would like to personalize the services to celebrate a life well lived. Did you receive any honors, certificates of achievements or awards? What were you’re hobbies, passions. Did you route for any particular sports teams or personalities?
  • Select any songs or music that you would like played at any point of your funeral.


  • Choose a clergy member or officiator to preside over the service.
  • If you would like a eulogy, select a friend or family member that you feel would be able to do this for you.

Final Disposition

  • Choose a cemetery, cremation plot, columbarium or grave of a family member that you wish your ashes to be buried on top of. (If you do not have the final say regarding the grave you want to use, make sure you get permission from the one who is in charge of that grave)
  • Select a memorial or grave marker. Decide on what inscription you would like
  • If you choose to have your ashes scattered, make sure it is legal to dispose of your ashes in this location. Decide whom will be the one to do the scattering and if this event will be private or open to the public

Information You'll Need

  • Social Security Number
  • Discharge papers if you are a United States Veteran
  • Family Information – for mother’s name, will also need maiden name.
  • All surviving family members
  • All pre-deceased family members
  • Job or Jobs details. Where and when you started and retired.
  • Hobbies, passions, key things that make you... you.
  • Cemetery plot information. If it is not your own plot, then the name of the person you wish to be buried with and the name of the owner of the lot. If you are not the lot owner, then it would help if you went to the cemetery with the lot owner to give written permission for you to be buried in that specific location.
  • Any other special instructions or requests that would apply to your funeral.
  • Insurance Policies in force. Although Shoreline Cremation doesn’t accept insurance assignments, it would be very helpful for your next of kin/beneficiaries if you put together any life insurance policies that will be fulfilled at your time of death.


There’s no need to make all the decisions right away. For personalized assistance in creating your plan, contact one of our experts to schedule a one-on-one meeting.

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